Export content from Figma to Frontitude

To onboard your UX copy to Frontitude, you'll have to export it from Figma. The export process extracts all visuals, texts, fonts, style, and saves them on Frontitude. This way, you can have rich context while editing UX copy outside of Figma.

A few important notes about export to Frontitude
  • Use it to share new content with Frontitude
  • Use it to update the designs on Frontitude
  • Once a text is exported to Frontitude, its value is the one that's stored in Frontitude, meaning that consecutive exports on the same text won't override its value

Export an entire frame (or frames)

Select a single or multiple frames or components, to export all texts inside them. Other content that is not part of the selection will be ignored. Then, click Export content.

Export specific text

You can also select specific text or groups to export to Frontitude. Once exported, all none-selected text in that frame will be automatically hidden on your project. This way, you can make sure that only UX copy is exported to Frontitude (and no other content types, like user-generated content for example).

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That's it! Need more guidance? Contact us at support@frontitude.com