Verify consistency with your current product voice and tone

When writing new UX copy, it’s important that new text matches the current voice and tone of your product. Frontitude’s filter and search features allow writers to quickly verify consistency. Let's review how you can utilize these features for this purpose:

Option 1: Filter by Tags

Tags add context to each copy, enhancing project organization. You can tag by copy type (Title, Caption, Error Message, etc), by copy function (Payment Flow, Onboarding Step, etc), or any other useful tag you can think of, and then filter List View to show specific tags. Filtering by tags is ideal if you are looking to review specific copy categories.

  1. Open the desired copy
  2. Click Add Tags in the editing side panel 
  3. Search for a tag or create your own 
  4. Once all the desired copy is tagged, go back to List View
  5. Click Filter by tags
  6. Choose the desired tag or tags you’d like to review. You can add multiple tag filters if you are reviewing a specific copy style, or just use one if you want to review a broader variety  
  7. Review copy to make sure the voice and tone are consistent

Option 2: Search for terms

The search bar function allows you to search for individual words or phrases, quickly showing how the term is currently being used in the product. You can search for copy throughout the entire project or within specific frames. Searching for terms is ideal if you are looking to review specific terminology.

  1. In List View, open the desired page or frame you’d like to search
  2. Use the search bar to search for copy
  3. Review copy usage and check for consistency
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