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Team Frontitude
January 24, 2024
3 mins

Announcing Frontitude Developer Pack for automating UX content workflows!

This week we are releasing exciting new features that allow developers to flexibly integrate Frontitude into their workflows. Dive in to learn more!

January 24, 2024
3 mins

This week we are excited to introduce a set of new features that will help you automate your UX content workflows, by seamlessly integrating Frontitude into your current processes. The benefits are tremendous; from automating the developer handoff, to seamlessly syncing other tools with Frontitude, to automatically receiving content updates in the codebase. With the new Developer Pack, teams can deliver UX content and translations ten times faster than they do today.

When it comes to designer-developer handoffs, UX content is in most cases the weakest link, and a painful bottleneck. Developers are not always sure if it’s the approved content, there’s a lot of copy-paste involved to take it to the code, and if content needs to get translated, syncing the localization tool takes too much time.

We’ve been hearing this for years from design and development teams. This week, we are proud to launch the new Developer Pack – a set of developer features to streamline content workflows from design to code.

Here’s a list of the brand new features, together with the benefits it can bring to your team:

Figma Dev Mode plugin

With this new plugin, content and metadata from Frontitude is displayed directly in Dev Mode.

This way, developers can access content keys, status, plural forms, variables, and translations from the Inspect tab in Figma’s Dev Mode.

Learn more about it in the feature guide.

Access token authentication for the Developer CLI

Our Developer CLI now supports access token authentication. This unlocks a few advanced automations, such as integrating Frontitude with your CI/CD pipeline to receive content updates, copy-paste free.

A few examples of using the Developer CLI with access token authentication:

  • Fetch new content keys when creating a feature branch
  • Create a Pull Request with content updates on every push to remote repository
  • Run a build script that fetches the latest code and content updates
  • And many more…

Learn more about it in the feature documentation.


With this new integration, you can connect Frontitude with basically any other tool. A webhook receives updates on events triggered by teammates in Frontitude.

A few examples of using Webhooks:

  • Upload a text and key to the localization tool when it’s finalized
  • Upload a screenshot to the localization tool when a text is finalized
  • Get instant notifications on Slack or Teams on content and status updates
  • Update a CMS with button labels in help guides when it’s finalized
  • Update a JIRA ticket status and description upon text status or value change
  • And many more…

Learn more about it in the feature documentation.

Developer Docs website

As developers, we understand the power of great documentation. Our team has gathered all of the relevant information for developers in one place, just like developers love! Check out the all-new Developer Docs, or share it with your developers!

It's all about automation

With these features, you can create a continuous, automated UX content workflow that doesn’t slow down your design and development processes, and save a lot of precious time for designers, writers, developers, and translators.

We’d love to hear your feedback

Your feedback matters! Today, we're excited to roll out the Developer Pack for all of our users. It's the missing piece that elevates Frontitude’s platform, ensuring developer handoffs are smooth and continuous.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in future releases, and let us know what your think. Don't hesitate to share your feedback, ideas, or feature requests with us!

Email us at hi@frontitude.com, or join the conversations in LinkedIn and X (Twitter).

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