Product updates ✨

November 21, 2023

Custom length instruction and model improvements!

UX Writing Assistant
New feature

Exciting update to our UX Writing Assistant!

  1. Custom length instruction: Now you can set custom character, word, or sentence limits for more precise content length limits.
  2. Upgraded GPT 3.5 model: Experience even more accurate content generation with the latest OpenAI model. Combined with prompt updates, the model now follows instructions much better.
  3. Improved Audit: If you're a private beta participants, this one is relevant to you! We've dramatically improved audit scans accuracy for better content reviews.

Happy writing!

Team Frontitude
November 21, 2023

Cleaning non-copy texts in projects


Exciting product update!

We're thrilled to introduce a game-changing capability that's all about keeping your projects clean. With our latest release, Frontitude now automatically detects and hides non-copy elements within your projects.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Maintaining cleaner projects: This new capability intelligently identifies non-copy elements, ensuring that your projects remain clutter-free and focused on what matters most—your UX content.
  2. What content is filtered out: The new algorithm efficiently filters out dates, numbers, emails, and other non-copy texts that often clutter your project workspace. This means you can spend more time on the creative aspects of your work and less time on manual cleanup.
  3. Easy retrieval: These filtered-out texts aren't going anywhere! You can always access these hidden items in the "Hidden Items" section within your projects.

We hope it will help you remove the clutter and maintain cleaner projects!

Team Frontitude
November 3, 2023

Define a unique key convention

New feature

You can now set your own key convention for any texts stored in your copy library and projects from your workspace settings.

A convention can be define by selecting key casing and a delimiter. Then, everyone on your team can keep a consistent key creation by being prompted with a warning if the key doesn't follow your team's convention.

Team Frontitude
October 31, 2023

JSON import improvements


We are releasing some improvements to our JSON import feature, aimed at providing a more efficient content onboarding on the copy library:

  • Nested JSON Support: Import can now handle nested JSON structure.
  • Automatic Categorization: Instead of manually categorize hundreds of copy components, the new import automatically creates categories for keys containing nested objects, simplifying content management.

These enhancements are focused on improving the onboarding process for content coming from the codebase or localization systems.

Team Frontitude
September 29, 2023

Custom instructions cheat sheet

UX Writing Assistant

We just published the constantly evolving Custom Instructions Cheat Sheet that includes instructions that were thoroughly tested with our UX Writing Assistant.

These instructions are organized into multiple use cases, and can help you write custom instructions to generate better content suggestions.

If you have a useful instruction that isn't listed, or need any help with phrasing instructions, reach out to us through our website chat or email us at

Team Frontitude
September 20, 2023

Set source language


If you use Frontitude for product localization, we have added the option to set the source language instead of just labeling it as 'Source language.'

This can be useful for manual exports and integration with developers, in addition to providing a better experience when using it in the Frontitude web app.

Team Frontitude
August 21, 2023

Team Guidelines is available in private beta

UX Writing Assistant

We're working on a new feature that will allow your team to write as one. We call it Team Guidelines, and it's now available in private beta.

Team Guidelines allow you to create smart content guidelines that can be interpreted by our AI model and seamlessly integrate with your design system.

To join our exclusive private beta, simply reach out to us through our website chat or email us at

Team Frontitude
August 10, 2023

New onboarding Figma file for UX Writing Assistant

UX Writing Assistant

We created a Figma file that walks you through the plugin's core features and shows you how to use them effectively. We left a nice surprise at the end, with an exclusive offer.

So, grab your cup of coffee/tea/matcha and take it for a spin: Open the playground file in Figma

Team Frontitude
July 21, 2023

Predefined instructions, plugin redesign, and enhanced prompt

UX Writing Assistant
New feature

Introducing: Predefined instructions

You can now refine copy suggestions quickly by selecting instructions from a list, grouped by Tone, Length, and Element. Read this help guide to learn more about how to use it!

(Yet another) Plugin redesign

We redesigned the plugin (once again) according to the great feedback we have received from you. It's now easier to rewrite and apply suggestions in your Figma designs.

Prompt upgrade boosts success rate to 40%

Our engineering team has meticulously redesigned the rewrite logic which led to better copy suggestions. The plugin's success rate improved from 30% last month, to 40% today! It means that 40% of the suggestions are getting applied directly in the design or copied to the clipboard.

Team Frontitude
July 20, 2023

Improved auto-attach, import translations, and more!


We're happy to share with you this new pack of improvements to streamline your Frontitude workflows and integration with your design, development, and localization processes!


Upgraded auto-attach mechanism 🔗

We understand the importance of seamless sync with your designs. Our team has worked tirelessly to improve the way it attaches new texts to existing copy components: Now, if you have multiple components with the same text, it uses the Figma component hierarchy to match it with the copy component that shares that same parent Figma component!


Screen names auto-update on sync 🔁

Our Figma plugin now syncs the latest frame names to Frontitude, unless they have been renamed previously. This keeps your Frontitude project in better sync with the design file.


Import translations from localization systems ⤵️

It is now possible to override existing text values, whether it is the original text or the translation. This lets you update translations in Frontitude, test them on the design, and soon preview them in Figma.


CSV export: Merge component instances ⤴️

When exporting projects into CSV files, you can now merge component instances together into one row. This means that you can have one row per text, even if it repeats in the project.


CLI improvements 💻

We released a few improvements and fixes to our Developer CLI:

  • Android XML format bugfixes - We fixed a few issues with variables and escaping characters.
  • When merged to the strings JSON file, keys are sorted alphabetically. This makes it easier to understand what keys were added or removed.

Team Frontitude
July 13, 2023

The UX Writing Assistant is getting a facelift, improvements, and bugfixes!

UX Writing Assistant

After getting so much feedback from you (thank you), we're releasing a new version of the UX Writing Assistant plugin that includes a redesign and improvements. ✨

The new release includes:

  1. Rewrite button relocated for easier access
  2. Suggestions can be applied directly from the list
  3. Upgraded to a newer GPT model to get enhanced suggestions
  4. A few squashed bugs and improved overall stability

Team Frontitude
June 23, 2023

Performance improvements: Sync new content faster between Frontitude and Figma


These significant performance improvements will improve your experience when uploading and syncing new content between Frontitude and Figma.

What you can expect?

🖇️ Easily sync multiple frames at once - You can now smoothly upload multiple frames at once from your Figma files to Frontitude's web app.

💫 Faster web app to Figma sync - The synchronization process from the web app to the Figma plugin has been accelerated, resulting in a faster and smoother experience.

🕐 Plugin loading, 10X faster - Loading the plugin in Figma is now much faster!

Team Frontitude
June 12, 2023

Metadata format in the CLI, general improvements, and bugfixes

Developer handoff

📝 New “metadata” in the Developer CLI - The new format is now available as part of the Developer CLI’s “pull” command. Use it to get additional properties for each text fetched from Frontitude to sync it with other tools.

🔠 Keys sorted alphabetically - In the file export and developer CLI features, keys are exported sorted alphabetically (ascending) to give you a better overview of changes in your strings file.

General improvements

🎨 Quickly view text in design - We added a button at the top of the editing panel to allow you to quickly view the text in the design or list view. Switching from a filtered list view to design view is now super easy!

🔎 Attach texts to components using unique keys - Components can now be searched by their unique key when attached to a text in the Figma plugin or web app.

🔢 Sort screens - Now you can sort screens inside a project, alphabetically or by the time they were created. This allows you to maintain order when you use a numeric convention for the screen names in the design tool.

🧲 Turn off auto-attach - If you do not want texts to be automatically attached to similar components, you can turn off auto-attach from your workspace settings.


🚥 Status indicators in translation mode - When filtering by status inside a project, indicators now appear in the left navigation bar to allow collaborators to find the relevant texts faster.

💎 Design View stabilization - Issues where the Design View displayed texts twice or misplaced texts were fixed. It also knows how to exclude hidden texts in Figma that were displayed before.

Team Frontitude
May 23, 2023

Introducing Frontitude’s AI-Powered UX Writing Assistant! 🚀


We’re excited to introduce Frontitude’s brand-new UX Writing Assistant: The Figma plugin that lets you craft and refine your product’s copy, 10x faster, using AI-powered copy suggestions.

Frontitude's UX writing assistant for Figma

With the UX Writing Assistant, you can easily:

✍️ Generate industry-inspired copy suggestions, tailored to your target users and product's voice and tone.

✅ Apply UX Writing best practices to improve user experience and guide users through your product.

💫 Save the copy into a single list to improve the assistant's performance and quickly reuse it in the future.

Read the official announcement to get the full story and visit our Plugin page in Figma.

Live in Product Hunt: We launched the UX Writing Assistant in Product Hunt, check out our launch page!

Team Frontitude
May 22, 2023

New integrations tab, improved Design View, edit tags in bulk, and more...

New feature

⚒️ The new Integrations tab - This new tab in your workspace settings opens up an entire world of workflows! It allows you to integrate external tools into your Frontitude workflow. The first available integration allows you to use Frontitude's Developer CLI to automate the developer handoff. Soon, there will be many more available. We'd love to hear what integrations you'd like to see -- just hit Request next to the integration you wish to have.

✨‍ Improved Design View - We've improved the design fetching algorithm to produce more authentic designs in the Design View. With this update, texts that appear behind semi-transparent overlays in Figma (like in modals) will be embedded into the design and excluded from the project texts.

🏷️ Edit tags in bulk in projects - This allows you to add or remove tags to multiple texts in a project. Up until now, this feature was only in the library, and now it's available in projects as well.

📚 Delete variables - Delete unused variables from your workspace settings to make sure team members use the right ones. Once a variable is deleted, components that use it will have the curly-braced variable replacing the placeholder. For example, "Hello Wendy" will turn into "Hello {{firstName}}".

📝 Edit billing details - Now you don't have to contact us to update your billing details. We added a link to the Usage & Billing tab under your workspace settings so you can edit it all by yourself!

Team Frontitude
April 19, 2023

Improved text activity visibility, component suggestions, and additional updates:


🚦Text activity log extended - You can now easily track the activities of each text in your projects, allowing you to see who did what and when. We have enhanced the visibility of the text's activity log by including the following events:

  • Text was attached to a component
  • Text was detached from a component
  • Text status was changed (New, Draft, Review, Final)
  • The unique key was modified

Text activity log extended

✍️ Component suggestions are now available for you at two distinct levels - suggestions at the project level and suggestions based on your workspace copy library. This will help you craft more targeted, consistent copy.

🏷️ Filter components by tags from the Developer CLI - Now you can filter components by tags when fetching content from Frontitude to your codebase using the Developer CLI. This can be used in number of use cases, like splitting your copy into different environments, products, and more.

Team Frontitude
March 21, 2023

Localization product updates


🌍 Translate copy regardless of its source language status - You can now translate copy into any language, no matter what the status of the copy is in the source language (New/Draft/Review/Final). This improvement will reduce friction in your localization process.

🏁 Translation progress bar - Track the progress of translations in any language.

  • In each language, progress is calculated based on finalized texts in the source language.
  • You can filter translations according to their status, by clicking on any of the progress bar status indicators.

Open your workspace to see the updates live, or learn more about setting up the localization process.

Team Frontitude
March 1, 2023

Product improvements: Component management, copy library filters, edit comments, and more.


Here's a list of the latest product updates:

 ✍️ Edit comments - Finally, you can now edit your comments in the discussion feed.

📚 Filter unused components in the copy library - You can now filter components with or without instances attached. This will help you clean the copy library from components that have no usage in your design or code.

🔧 Component usage - You can now see the number of components your team is managing and your plan limit under your account setting.

Components usage

👷 Component structure remodeled - We’ve rebuilt our component mechanism from scratch, offering better performance and stability to any operation that involves copy components (almost every action)!

📂 Sort texts by their top position when exporting content in CSV - This helps to navigate through the spreadsheet more easily by ordering all the texts in the same way as in the design.

Sort texts by their top position when exporting content in CSV

These updates, including stability improvements and bug fixes, are part of our constant mission to enhance your experience using Frontitude. to see the updates live, open your workspace.

Team Frontitude
February 8, 2023

Say hello to component suggestions: create components with a click ✨

New feature

We are introducing component suggestions! This feature groups together similar texts from your projects, allowing you to create reusable components with just a click. ✨

Using component suggestions, you can upload your designs and componentize all your product copy in minutes. This means you can set up a full-blown copy library in no time, ready to be reused by other teammates!

How does it work?

1. Once you upload new copy to Frontitude or submit changes to your existing copy, Frontitude automatically groups together similar texts in the new Suggestions tab in your copy library.


2. You can choose to create a new component, or attach the text to an existing one with just a click.


3. All the created components will be automatically added to your copy library. ✨

Say hello to component suggestions

We strongly believe that product copy should be systemized, allowing editing and reusing existing texts easily. This is just the first step in bringing smart capabilities to your copy library management. Stay tuned for more automation coming very soon!

To see it live, open the new Suggestions tab in your copy library.

Team Frontitude
January 24, 2023

Navigation and editing improvements to the copy library ✨


We added copy library improvements to provide you with a smoother editing and navigation experience. These updates are designed to help you manage your copy library at scale, making it easier to organize, access, and reuse your copy.

🔍 New component navigation bar - the copy library was redesigned so that you can find and reuse components faster! The new design is now aligned with the projects tab navigation style, giving a familiar experience feel.

New navigation bar in the copy library

☑️ Multiple component selection for bulk editing - you can now make bulk changes to multiple components in your library at once:

  • Change components status (New, Draft, Review, Final)
  • Add/remove component tags
  • Move components between categories
  • Delete multiple components at once

Simply hover over the components you’d like to edit, and click on the checkbox. Once you choose one component or more, the action bar will appear on your screen to provide you with the available actions.

Multi selection copy library

Multiple component selections and editing are also available under the Projects tab in your workspace while working in List view.

Team Frontitude
January 11, 2023

We're introducing Plurals! 🔢 🥳 (and some more product updates)


There is a difference in the way plurals are handled between each language. In some languages, like English, plurals have two forms, whereas in others there are several forms or just one.

You can now create and store plural forms for copy components and automatically hand them off to developers using the Developer CLI!

Your entire team can benefit from using Plurals:

✍️ Writers and translators can ensure consistency in all plural forms of a copy component.

🎨 Designers can view all plural forms in the design.

👩‍💻 Developers can pass counter parameters instead of writing logic to display plural forms. Like all Frontitude developer features, Plurals is fully compatible with the i18next format.

To use plurals, create a copy component, add different forms (Frontitude supports all 6 plural forms) and send it to developers using Frontitude’s developer integration or export features.

Read the guide to learn how to use plurals step by step.

Wait, here are more updates:

  • Frontitude CLI now supports XLIFF format (V1.2 and V.2) and Android XML for variables and plurals.
  • Following Figma’s update of supporting entire sections, you can sync multiple frames to Frontitude with a click. Simply select a section in Figma, open the Changes tab in the plugin, and click sync. ✨

Frontitude Team
December 7, 2022

Multiple improvements to the Library tab in Figma ✨


We’ve released multiple updates that will improve your experience when storing and reusing copy components in Figma.

Here’s what’s new:

🔠 You can use free text to search for a component by its value or its category name, instead of navigating between the categories.

📍 Category navigation and selection will remain open even moving between tabs in the plugin.

📚 You can now open the Library tab even if the Figma file is not connected to Frontitude.

🤝 We now support the sync of copy components with Figma variants (component sets).

General improvements:

🔄 The tab you last visited in the Figma plugin will now remain constant between plugin loads.

🖍 The design preview now supports custom fonts when choosing "View all instances" of a component.

🛠 A lot more under-the-hood improvements.

Try the updates in Figma.

Use free text to search for components in the Library tab
Team Frontitude
November 8, 2022

Live on Product Hunt: Launching Frontitude’s end-to-end solution! 🚀


We're so happy to launch Frontitude's end-to-end solution today! 🥳🥳

Over the past few months, we've improved Frontitude to be the ultimate content management system for in-product copy. With the new key additions, Frontitude’s solution now addresses dozens of use cases, from design to review to localization to development. 

Here are some of the latest additions:

Today is a big day: We're launching Frontitude's end-to-end solution to provide design and product teams with a new way to deliver consistent product copy without the hassle it used to have.

Visit our launch page on Product Hunt!

Team Frontitude
November 7, 2022

Integrate dynamic content in your copy using Variables!

New feature

We’re happy to introduce Variables! You can now add dynamic content when writing copy in Frontitude, and integrate them as variables straight into the code.

The entire team can benefit from using Variables:

🎨 Designers can use mock content instead of variable placeholders in the design.

✍️ Writers get full ownership of the product content.

💻 Developers don’t need to define the variables but just send the variables in the code.

How does it work? When creating personalized copy, writers can mark specific parts of the text as dynamic content (for example: Hello {{firstName}}!). Once the copy is finalized, developers can fetch it, including the variables straight into the code without defining them themselves. Learn more

Fully compatible with the i18next framework

Like all Frontitude’s developer features, Variables is fully compatible with the i18n format. This means that developers can use the popular i18n library to fetch copy from Frontitude straight into their code.

Using Variables, your team can have a smoother, automated developer handoff. It works out of the box with our Developer CLI which you can use to connect your codebase with Frontitude.

Team Frontitude
September 21, 2022

Multiple product improvements to the copy library ⚡️

New feature

We shipped out significant product improvements that will help you and the team to better browse and reuse your product copy.

Import copy to Frontitude from JSON files 📂

Following the Developer CLI release, we added a new way to onboard your product copy to Frontitude from the codebase and localization tools, straight into your copy library. 

Read the guide to learn how to import copy from JSON files.

Import your product copy using JSON files

Copy components design preview 🌄

You can choose any copy component in your copy library and easily see where it’s located in each of your designs by simply navigating through the screens. Some words have different meanings in different contexts, so it's likely that you want to explore their context to ensure you maintain a consistent product language.

See where your components are located in the design
See where your components are located in the design

Paste components from the library into Figma ✂️

Reuse copy components in your designs, but without attaching them to an existing component. This also lets you reuse existing components and change them to create a new one quickly. For example, you can reuse the component: “Book added to cart” and slightly adjust it to “Record added to cart” and add it to the library as a new component.

Paste components from the library into figma
Paste components from the library into figma
Team Frontitude
September 14, 2022

Introducing Frontitude’s CLI, our first developer integration! 👩‍💻

New feature

We’re excited to introduce Frontitude’s Developer CLI: A new way to manage product copy from design to code. This integration allows developers to connect the codebase with the design process and fetch copy changes directly from their environment, copy-paste free!

The new integration brings some significant benefits:

  • No more copy-paste mistakes when moving texts from design to code
  • The development process can start in parallel to the design process allowing you to stream last-minute copy changes from the design to the code seamlessly.
  • Developers quickly understand what copy was updated instead of going through design files and understanding what copy they should take

Read our official feature announcement post to get more information about the new Developer CLI. To learn how to set up the CLI and hit the ground running, please read the documentation and guide.

Frontitude's developer CLI
Frontitude Team
August 18, 2022

Copy library improvements! 📚🆙


We've made significant improvements to the Copy Library. Organizing your library is now easier than ever thanks to a new grouping system that allows you to navigate it quickly and ensure consistency.

What's new?

Four-level hierarchy support

Organize your copy components into up to four levels of categories. For example: Messages / Error / Form / Field required. This allows more flexibility in your content organization and allows you to group together different variations of the same copy component for example.

Category guidelines

Add content guidelines and notes to each category in your library. The guidelines will be visible once you reuse or create new components in your designs, to help you maintain consistency. For example, the Messaged / Error category can include these guidelines: “Clearly explain the situation and how it can be resolved. Don’t use overly dramatic words for simple errors.”

Category auto-suggest

When you create a new category, Frontitude will automatically suggest existing categories from your library to make sure you don’t create duplicates. It’s here to bring order to your copy chaos!

Category rename

Changed your mind about a category name? Now you can rename it without going through every component in the category.

You can read more about Frontitude’s Copy Library to learn how it can benefit your team, or get started with building your Copy Library!

Frontitude Team
July 28, 2022

Frontitude now supports your team’s custom fonts 💪

New feature

Frontitude's web app now supports custom fonts! This allows you to see your copy incorporated into the designs in a much more accurate way.

Fonts come in different sizes and weights – even a few millimeters can break your sentence into 2 lines.🤯 As a writer, you must work with the same fonts the design team uses to make sure you’re aligned and on point with the copy you create.

In case Frontitude detects you’re not working with the same font as in the design, a pop-up warning will appear, letting you upload the right font.

Frontitude supports your team's custom fonts
Frontitude Team
July 6, 2022

The Library tab – redesigned 🚀


We have redesigned the Library tab in our Figma plugin so you can navigate effortlessly through all of your copy components. It's easier to reuse existing copy and integrate it into the design!

Error messages, buttons, tooltips, and empty states are all stored in a single source for the entire team to reuse.

Learn how to create and maintain an organized copy library.

The library tab - redesign!

Frontitude Team
June 9, 2022

Introducing: Frontitude's multi-language support for localization 🥳

New feature

We’re excited to announce Frontitude’s multi-language support! This feature brings localization closer to design and removes the barriers between design teams and translators.

Enjoy significant benefits to your product localization process:

🎨  Translate with full context: Give your translators the full design context, and allow them to insert translations in the design without disrupting the design team's work.

✋  Avoid repeated translations: Translate once and reuse everywhere using Copy Components. Attach new copy to existing (translated) components and, voila, it's immediately translated! This can save you significant translation time and costs.

⏰  Shorten time to market: By providing translators and reviewers with the full context early at the design stage, translations can be tested even before a new feature is implemented. This means less translation errors at the development and QA stages.

Read our official announcement to learn more about this new addition!

Insert translation with full design context
Frontitude Team
May 13, 2022

Invite project-level collaborators! 🤝

New feature

You can now invite anyone from your team or outside the organization to collaborate on specific projects in Frontitude. 

Whether you manage a large team of writers and need to separate who works on what, or if you work with several clients or external UX writers, this will help you give them explicit access to only the content they should use, nothing else!

Read more about sharing and permissions at Frontitude.

Invite project-level collaborators in Frontitude
Frontitude Team
April 29, 2022

Reuse existing copy inside Figma with our new Library tab! 🤩

New feature

We׳re happy to share the latest addition to our Figma plugin: the Library tab! 📚 This tab is the copy repository that stores all your repeated text in Figma and helps you maintain a consistent product language.

The new Library tab allows you to:

  • Browse your copy library to find any component in your workspace created by anyone on your team
  • Easily reuse existing copy inside Figma across all of your files
  • Attach selected text elements from your Figma files to a component with a single click

Read the full guide to learn more about the new tab

Reuse existing copy inside Figma
Frontitude Team
April 7, 2022

Add new copy that is not originated in your design files directly to your Copy Library! 💫


You can now build the ultimate Copy Library by adding new Copy Components that are not originated in your design files!

For example, you can create instances for different error messages, empty states, buttons, and more, and add them directly to your team’s Copy Library in Frontitude’s web app. Team members can then reuse these components right in the designs using the design tool plugin (currently available in Figma).

Simply open your Copy Library and click “New component” at the top. Don’t forget to use the right naming conventions to keep your library organized.

Add new copy components to your copy library
Frontitude Team
March 24, 2022

Frontitude’s Copy Library, revamped! 📚


We improved the Copy Library!  🥳  Now, you can have a better-organized copy repository with a clear overview of all your product’s copy.

This enhances the entire team’s ability to reuse approved copy directly from Figma during the design phase!

Read our official guide to learn how you can best organize your Copy Library.

Frontitude's new Copy Library
Frontitude Team
March 2, 2022

Activity tab is now available!

New feature

Now you can track any changes made to your Figma files, or refer to your recent work more easily.

Meet Frontitude’s new Activity tab in the Figma plugin. Select any frame(s) and instantly see all the changes made by you and other team members: status updates, sync changes, who changed what copy and when, and more!

Activity tab is not available
Frontitude Team
February 24, 2022

Multiple selection in the Edit tab ⚡️


A time saver: We've improved the Edit tab by enabling you to select multiple texts in your Figma files and update their status in bulk!

For example, writers can now mark a few texts as final, so developers can use them with no hesitation, designers can use it to select whole frames and mark them as ready for writing, and more.

Cheers to simple, yet life-improving-time-saving changes.

Frontitude Team
February 1, 2022

Introducing: Copy Components

New feature

Writers, welcome to the component era! ✨ We’re excited to introduce Copy Components. 🥳

Copy Components drives consistency across your product copy by enabling you to create text components that can be reused by anyone on your team.

Turn text elements you’ve uploaded to Frontitude into a library of approved copy that you can use going forward. Your components will be stored in the Library tab, where you can edit, remove, attach/detach instances, and more.

Read the official announcement to get the full scoop!

Frontitude Team
December 1, 2021

Export project as JSON

New feature

We’ve recently enhanced key management in Frontitude. In addition to setting and searching by key, now you can export copy in developers' favorite format -- JSON! This is in addition to the CSV export we already offer.

The new JSON export supports two formats: Flat, which is a simple key/value pair format, and Metadata, which is an extended format that contains all the metadata information that is stored in Frontitude.

To learn more about this new feature, check out this guide.

November 9, 2021

Enhanced unique key management 🗝


Does your team manage copy using unique keys? This one is for you!

This update takes key management to the next level and makes it more convenient to assign copy with key and retrieve copy by key.

It allows you to:

  • Assign copy with unique key directly from Figma
  • Search copy by key
  • Filter copy without key
  • Filter copy with key

October 14, 2021

Status and key indication in Figma🚦

New feature

Here's a small but powerful addition to our Figma integration 💪

You can now see copy workflow status in Figma's layer menu without having to open Frontitude's plugin!

What does it mean? Developers now can understand if the copy is final, and take its key (if they work with keys) directly from Figma, Product Managers can see which copy is ready and which isn't, and most importantly, team members will not judge your copy if it’s a work in progress!

To see workflow status in Figma, just set the copy status from Frontitude’s web app (available soon from the plugin) and click the refresh button under the plugin’s Changes tab. Simple as that!

September 5, 2021

Introducing: Changes tab (Figma plugin)

New feature

Since we launched Frontitude's Figma plugin, we've been getting requests from our Figma users for supporting a more seamless writing workflow inside Figma.

We understand that many writers use Figma as their writing tool, but they still need a central place to store and maintain all of their product copy.

That's why we created the new Changes tab, that replaces the Export and Updates tabs, and will addresses these needs:

  1. It assists with a better writing workflow inside Figma by allowing you to track copy changes made by you and others, by comparing them to the last version in Frontitude.
  2. It makes it easier for you to sync Figma with Frontitude as your single source for copy. If you're writing in Figma, you can collect copy changes and push them to Frontitude in one click. If you're writing in Frontitude, you can quickly pull the latest copy into Figma.

Click here to learn more how to use the new Changes tab. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this at

April 21, 2021

Hide copy from Design View

New feature

In addition to the existing hide from List View, now you can hide copy from Design View as well!

This comes pretty handy when Design View displays texts that shouldn't be visible. Just click Hide > From all views and it will hide the text from the design on Frontitude, to give you a cleaner view.

And no worries -- hidings will only affect Frontitude, while the mockup in the design tool will remain untouched.

March 1, 2021

Organize your projects into folders

New feature

Now you can create folders in the workspace page to better organize your projects!

Use the New folder button to create a new folder, then drag and drop your existing projects inside the folder. To move the project out of the folder, open the projects card's option menu, and click Move to root.

We've also added an option to rename projects, finally! You can rename folders too, of course. Try it out!

February 25, 2021

Sort out your tags using the new tag management section

New feature

We are happy to release the new tag management section, which allows you to easily sort our your tags!

In this new section, you can create new tags, rename and delete existing ones. You can also see the texts that use each one of them by simply clicking on the number next to it.

Next, we plan to let you order them and create tag groups, to take your tag organization to the next level.

Open it here to get your tags in order!

February 18, 2021

Sync your designs only with relevant copy

New feature

When you sync your designs with the latest copy, filtering copy changes by status can be quite useful.

For example, if you're a designer who wants to handoff your mockups to developers, you'd like to sync only the final copy. Another case is that as part of a design review process, you'd like to ensure that copy fits the design, therefore syncing only copy in review status.

To enable this filter, just click on the settings icon next to the Pull changes button at the bottom of the plugin, and choose what workflow status you wish to filter as part of the sync.

February 3, 2021

Navigate Design View using the keyboard arrow keys


We made it easier for you to navigate between screens in Design View. Use the keyboard's right and left arrow keys to navigate to the next or previous screens, following the order on the navigation menu.

January 13, 2021

Hello Sketch users, meet Frontitude 👋


We’re excited to announce that Frontitude for Sketch is out! 🥳  From today, you can sync your Sketch files with the latest copy and collaborate on it with your team -- no copy and paste involved!

The integration completes Sketch by giving you a single source for your UX copy and helps you to ensure a consistent voice throughout your product with advanced search, tagging, text-first collaboration, version control, and more.

Learn more about the new integration.

January 4, 2021

Easily share content using project links

New feature

We made it much easier to share content with Frontitude!

You can now share a project link with anyone, making feedback collection a breeze. Just set the project's link access level, and send it to a team member, an external stakeholder, or a customer.

Learn more about how to use it in this tutorial.

November 24, 2020

Introducing: Project Discussion Feed

New feature

A major part of writing great UX copy is receiving feedback and discussing it with teammates.

For this reason we created the Project Discussion Feed, which is the place where all project discussions are unified into a single feed.

This way you can keep track of feedback without wasting your time navigating between frames and pages.

Learn more about how to use it in this tutorial.

November 11, 2020

Introducing: Search tab

New feature

We're happy to introduce the new Search tab! 🎉

This is the place where you can search, filter, and organize your UX copy, across all of your projects. This is super useful for keeping your product language consistent.

September 4, 2020

Sign in with Microsoft Azure is supported!

New feature

In the past few weeks we've been asked a lot to support sign in to Frontitude using a Microsoft account -- Now it's available! From today, you can use either a Google or Microsoft account to sign in to Frontitude, on all of our clients (Figma, Adobe XD, web)! 🎉

August 31, 2020

Introducing Discussions for better collaboration with your team

New feature

We’re excited to introduce Discussions! 🥳

Discussions are a better way to handle feedback around copy changes in your team, available both from the web app and the Figma plugin. Just click the Reply button at the bottom of any revision or comment to start a discussion, then hit Resolve when you’re done. It’s that easy!

(Discussions also support @mentions, to notify project collaborators on a new comment over email)

August 20, 2020

Frontitude for Adobe XD is out!


We’re excited to announce that Frontitude for Adobe XD is out! 🥳  From today, you can sync your XD mockups with the latest copy and collaborate on it with your team -- no copy and paste involved!

The integration completes Adobe XD by giving you a clear overview of your UX copy and helps you to ensure a consistent voice throughout your product with advanced search, tagging, text-first collaboration, version control, and more.

Get here more details about Frontitude for Adobe XD. Also, check this out -- Adobe included the plugin as part of their Copywriting & Localization collection!

August 12, 2020

Broken design indication

New feature
Desgin tool integration

Frontitude now flags pulled changes that break the design both in the Figma and Adobe XD plugins. Designers can quickly see which texts cause issues (for example, overlapping other elements, or text goes out of bounds), easing their review process.

July 29, 2020

Introducing linked copy instances

New feature

Frontitude now supports linking copy with similar text but different styles. Any submitted changes will automatically be applied to all linked copy, so you don’t have to change each text individually.

Link copy by clicking Link copy on the editing side panel. Frontitude will show all copy containing the current copy text, along with the ability to preview copy in the design so you can ensure you are selecting the desired one.

July 16, 2020

Mention collaborators in comments

New feature

You can now mention collaborators in comments and change notes, to ask specific questions or leave general feedback. The tagged collaborators will automatically be notified via email.

July 1, 2020

Invite collaborators via email

New feature

Invite team members to collaborate on Frontitude by sending them an email invitation.

June 25, 2020

Automatically update duplicate instances

New feature

When submitting a change to copy, Frontitude now lets you automatically update all of its duplicate instances, so you wouldn't have to do it manually one by one. A duplicate instance is every text in the project which has the same value, font family, font size, and font weight as the changed text has.

June 17, 2020

Project export to .csv

New feature

Now you can export projects to a .csv file, so you can share UX copy with legal teams, translation services, or any other stakeholder. You can apply active filters, include or exclude duplicates or hidden items.

June 2, 2020

Frontitude web platform is out!

New feature

Today, we’re excited to release the first version of Frontitude's web platform, which provides a centralized workspace for teams to create and collaborate on their UX copy 🧑🏽 👩🏻 👩🏿

Right now available for Figma, soon for other design tools!

April 14, 2020

Introducing team collaboration

New feature

Starting today, you can add team members to collaborate on UX copy in Frontitude. All team collaborators can view and add changes, comments, and see change history for each copy.

March 9, 2020

Hello world! Frontitude for Figma is out 🎉

New feature

We're excited to announce our first solution as part of Frontitude's vision: A plugin for Figma that gives you a single source for your UX copy and let's you manage it on Google Sheet, and sync updates with a click.


Pull updates for selection

Desgin tool integration

When pulling updates back to the design tool, sometimes you just want to update a specific text element or screen, and not the entire file.

The pull mechanism is now modified to detect selection of any kind, whether it's a single text element, group, or entire screen (a frame or an art board, depending on your design tool).

This way, you can pull change only for any selection, or select nothing to pull changes for the entire design file.

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