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Manage all your UX copy in one place

Frontitude provides a single source for design and product teams to manage their UX copy from design to production
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Used by top design and product teams worldwide

A single source for all your UX copy

Manage all your UX copy in a centralized workspace, supercharged with advanced search, smart tagging, and version control. Sync it back effortlessly to design tools, code repositories, and spreadsheets.

Single source for UX copy

Text-first collaboration

No more ping-pong over email, and different text versions across multiple tools. Employ text-first collaboration as part of your UX writing workflow with a clear approval workflow, highlighted differences, and advanced version control.

Collaborate on UX copy - Frontitude

Keep a consistent voice

Search and filter copy across your product screens to get an overview of your current voice and tone. Use tags to classify copy into different types of components, like tooltips, modals, forms, or error messages, to ensure consistent voice throughout all of their instances.

Keep a consistent voice - Frontitude

Preview changes on the design

Make sure your copy always fits. Preview copy changes in their final form right on the design, to make sure you don’t break it before publishing a change.

Preview copy changes - Frontitude

Choose your design platform, start for free

Crafting your product's voice and tone begins at the design stage, when words first meet visual design. That’s why the starting point for using Frontitude is at your design tool.

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Our Products

Crafting your product's language begins at the design stage, when words first meet visual design. That’s why Frontitude runs within your design tool, starting with Figma. More design tools are soon to follow.

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Frontitude For Figma

Supercharge Figma with text-first editing and collaboration.

Search and filter copy across screens
Preview copy changes on the design in real time
Track and manage your copy creation workflow
Add context with tags and comments

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Text Management Platform

One place to define and manage your product language.

Content style guide composer
Real-time content style guide checker
Smart suggestion of similar copy
Integration with other workflow tools
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