What’s inside Frontitude

Take your product copy from design to production effortlessly
Single Source of Truth

Copy Library

Create a reusable copy repository for your team using Copy Components. Get an overview and organize your product language, and allow designers and writers to reuse copy to ensure consistency across your product.

Design tool integration feature
Copy Components feature
Ensure Consistency

Copy Components

Some copy repeats itself, just like some of your designer’s elements do. Use Copy Components to create a library of approved copy so you and your team can reuse it throughout your product without reinventing the wheel every time. Decided to change a major term? No sweat—Frontitude automatically updates all instances for you.

Single Source of Truth

Design tool integration

Whether you use Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD, Frontitude integrates with your favorite design tool so your copy and design are always aligned. With writers and designers working in the same place, handoffs and updates are a cinch and everyone has the full context. So long, Lorem ipsum.

Design tool integration feature
Copy Components feature
Streamlined Collaboration

Design View

Create a sandbox for testing and editing copy without stepping on the designers' toes. Select any frames or artboards in the design tool and start editing on Frontitude. Once you are happy with the result, you can update your designs with the latest copy in a click. That easy.

Design-Driven Localization

Multi-language support

Translate your product into multiple languages and store them all in one place. Create a design-driven localization process that ensures translators have the full context early on during the design phase.

Design tool integration feature

And there's more...

August 18, 2022

Copy library improvements! 📚🆙

New features drop every week 🎤

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