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Design-driven Localization

Localize your product with the full design context, starting at the design stage
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In-context editing experience

Provide your translators with the full design context to produce spot-on translation by using Frontitude's integration with the team's design tool (Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD).

In-context editing experience
Build a continuous localization process

Build a continuous localization process

Manage the localization process end-to-end; Invite translators to specific projects, notify them when new content is ready for translation, and automatically hand off translations to developers.

Translate once, reuse everywhere

Attach new copy to existing components and get it translated straight away. Your translators won't even have to hear about it!

Attach new copy to existing components
All your product copy and translation in one place

All your product copy in one place

Frontitude stores all your UX content, as well as versions, comments, documentation, and more. No more juggling between spreadsheets or other tools to produce accurate translations.

Start localizing for free

Upload your designs, invite translators, and start localizing your product in minutes.


How do I get started with localization on Frontitude?

Once you have the relevant designs uploaded to Frontitude, you can configure your target languages from the workspace settings. Then, invite translators to your workspace or share specific projects with them to begin translating. Once finalized, all translations will be stored in Frontitude, ready for the developer handoff.

Which plan includes multi-language support?

Multi-language support is included in all three plans: Free, Team, and Organization. However, the number of seats you can add to your workspace depends on the subscription plan you choose.

Can I share specific projects with translators?

Yes. You can invite anyone from your team or outside the organization to collaborate on specific projects in Frontitude without giving them access to all of your workspace projects.

Do translators need to have an account in the team's design tool to insert translations directly into designs?

No. Translators do not need Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD accounts to work directly in the design. Designs and copy in the source language can be imported using our design tool plugin to Frontitude’s web app, where translators are able to insert their translations with the full design context.

How can I track the translation progress?

Based on the copy status, you can filter copy that is ready for translation, ready for translation review, or completely translated. This gives you the ability to track progress and understand the current project status. Learn more in the localization guide.

Once ready, how translations are integrated with the codebase?

Translations can be exported in JSON and CSV formats (please contact us if you look for other formats), ready for handoff to developers. Soon, with Frontitude’s dev tools, developers will be able to automatically pull the latest translations directly from their environment.

Are my projects secure when I share them with translators outside my organization?

Frontitude invests a significant amount of time in delivering a secure product. Our team includes senior engineering architects with experience in cybersecurity, building Frontitude on top of a secure AWS infrastructure using security best practices. Read our Security Statement or contact us at security@frontitude.com for more information about Frontitude's security.

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