string management

Connect design with code using Frontitude's developer tools to fetch the latest copy straight to the codebase, copy-paste-free
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An automated developer handoff

Create a streamlined developer handoff where the design team finalizes the content and developers can fetch it automatically from their favorite tool.

In-context editing experience
Build a continuous localization process

Connect your codebase in minutes

Our CLI automatically detects your strings files format and integrates with popular i18n libraries out of the box. Developers can set it up in minutes and start getting updates from the design team.

Ship faster

Start the development process parallel to the design process and stream copy changes from design to code seamlessly. Enjoy a more agile, continuous process.

Attach new copy to existing components
All your product copy and translation in one place

Simplify your front-
end code

Manage all plural forms and variables in Frontitude and easily integrate them into the code using standard i18n libraries. Developers just need to pass the right variables.

Install Frontitude's CLI

Fetch copy changes directly from your terminal. It integrates with i18n libraries out of the box. Quickly set it up and automate your process.
npm install -g @frontitude/cli


How do developers get access to Frontitude?

To add developers to your workspace, one of the current collaborators should invite the developers from the workspace settings. Once accepted, developers can start fetching copy changes from Frontitude.

We currently hardcode our strings. Can we use Frontitude?

In order to use Frontitude developer integrations, you must manage your UI strings in a separate file. Your copy doesn't need to be migrated all at once, it can be carried out gradually. For more information about the most efficient way to accomplish this, please contact us.

How copy pulled into the code using Frontitude can
be embedded into UI components?

Every string coming from Frontitude is assigned with a unique key and stored in a separate file. Each of the strings can be referenced by these keys from within the code, using any standard i18n library (like react-i18next, react-intl, and others).

We already use a localization tool to manage UI strings in the code. How Frontitude can help?

Frontitude can integrated with localization management tools using an API (coming soon). Using this integration, you can push source-language copy updates to the external tool and start the translation process.

How does Frontitude know how to update string files?

Our CLI supports various common file formats and knows how to embed copy changes in these files automatically. The format is detected automatically at runtime and no special configuration is needed.

Is the Frontitude CLI safe to run?

Frontitude invests a significant amount of time in delivering a secure product. Our team includes senior engineering architects with experience in cybersecurity, building Frontitude on top of a secure AWS infrastructure using security best practices. Read our Security Statement or contact us at for more information about Frontitude's security.

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