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A single source for all your product copy

Organize all your UX content in one place and seamlessly sync it with design, localization, and development workflows

One place for your product copy

Create a searchable source of truth for all your UX content including content guidelines, version history, and team discussions.

In-context editing experience
Build a continuous localization process

A design system for your content

Increase copy consistency with a powerful content design system that’s accessible to the entire team.

Reuse copy with a click

No more placeholders or writing the same content from scratch. Quickly access your existing content and reuse it with a click.

Attach new copy to existing components
All your product copy and translation in one place

Localize your product faster

Translate once, reuse everywhere. Integrate the copy library with your localization process and reuse translations in every supported language.

Build your copy library for free

Upload content from the design tool or external files, organize it in a single place, and reuse it everywhere.


How do I upload content to the copy library?

You can add content to your library in several ways: Import components from external files (coming soon), design tools, or directly create them in Frontitude's web app.

Which plan includes the copy library?

Frontitude’s Copy Library is included in all Free, Team, and Organization plans. However, exporting content from Frontitude's web app and handing it off to developers is available only on paid plans.

Can the copy library act as my product content style guide?

Yes, of course. Frontitude's Copy Library stores all the content guidelines your design team needs to maintain consistent product language. Currently it can be used as an internal style guide, but in the future we plan to allow you to share it publicly.

How does Frontitude's copy library store my content guidelines?

Once you attach text elements to an existing component or create a new one in Frontitude’s web app, you can attach its content guidelines to it. The copy guidelines will be updated and displayed on all attached instances for the entire team to view when they reuse it.

How the copy library can help me with product localization?

By attaching copy to existing components, you can translate once and reuse it everywhere. This will save you a lot of translation time and costs, and also help you ensure high-quality, consistent translations.

Where can I reuse copy components from the library?

Copy components can be reused directly from your copy library into the design using Frontitude's web app or the design tool plugin.

How can I maintain an organized copy library?

To help you build an organized copy repository, we have applied a naming convention that is built from a 4-level hierarchy. You can read our official guide to learn more about it.

Can I export content from the copy library?

Export copy in JSON and CSV formats for handoff to developers, translators, or feeding into other tools. Developers will soon be able to pull the latest copy directly from their environment using Frontitude's dev tools.

Can the copy library replace my Copy Docs?

Yes, definitely. Frontitude acts as a single source of truth that helps teams manage the product copy through the entire product development life cycle. Frontitude stores all the relevant information such as content guidelines, discussions, and different iterations so that you can have everything documented.

How can copy library help my organization with future global expansion?

By keeping all of your product copy in one place and having it connected with the design, localization, and development processes, supporting new languages becomes more like pulling the trigger rather than pushing mountains.

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