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January 15, 2024
3 mins

UX conferences to attend in 2024

We've curated a list of UX conferences in 2024 that are just right for UX content folks. Check it out and start planning which conferences you want to attend this year!

January 15, 2024
3 mins

In 2024, the landscape of UX writing, content design, and product design is more vibrant than ever (who said AI?) with numerous conferences offering a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and insights into the latest industry trends.

These events, ranging from specialized content design forums to broader UX and product design gatherings, cater to a diverse professional audience, including content designers, UX writers, strategists, and product managers. Here's a closer look at some of the standout conferences in this field for the year.

To simplify your search for the ideal conference, we've curated a list of UX conferences scheduled for 2024 (sorted by date) that particularly appeal to UX content folks.

The Design Leadership Summit, happening from January 29-31 in Toronto, Canada, is centered around design leadership and team building. It's particularly suitable for design leaders and managers, with a ticket price ranging from $399 to $649 CAD. More details can be found on the Design Leadership Summit's website.

Deque axe-con, is for designers who want to zoom-in on accessibility. It’s scheduled for February 20-22 and available virtually, and focuses on digital accessibility. This free conference is aimed at professionals in design, development, and management. Details are available on Deque's website.

ConveyUX, scheduled for February 27-29 in Seattle, USA, and also available virtually, will cover topics like design leadership, AI and UX, and accessibility. This conference is designed for UX professionals interested in leadership and emerging technologies, with ticket prices ranging from $530 to $1195. You can find more information on ConveyUX's website.

DDX 2024, set for March 2 in Dubai, UAE, and May 11 in Munich, Germany, will explore augmented creativity and innovation in digital technology. It's ideal for those interested in digital innovation and emerging technologies, with tickets priced between €159 and €359. Visit DDX 2024's website for more details.

UX Copenhagen, marks the 10th conference which is set for March 20-21 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and also offered virtually. This year it will delve into ethical and sustainable design. Targeted at UX professionals interested in ethical practices, this conference's tickets are priced between DKK 4,000 and 7,000. Visit UX Copenhagen's website for more information.

UXDX USA, happening from May 15-17 in New York City, USA, and virtually, aims to integrate product, UX, design, and development. This conference is suitable for product managers, UX professionals, designers, and developers, with tickets priced between $239 and $3459. For more information, check out UXDX USA's website.

Designing with AI 2024, hosted by Rosenfeld Media, will take place virtually on June 4-5. This conference focuses on how AI can be responsibly integrated into UX design, research, and content creation, featuring presentations from industry leaders, interactive workshops, and discussions on AI's complex implications in the UX field. For more details, visit the conference website.

Config 2024 (by Figma), is an exciting conference scheduled for June 26-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It's designed for product builders and will also be available virtually. The event promises over 75 speakers and more than 50 sessions. The conference will feature a range of topics, including deep dives into Figma functionalities, leadership insights, and the future of AI in design. Attending the event virtually is free, but if you prefer to attend in person, an Early Bird ticket is available at a discounted rate of $349.5, which is half of the regular price. For more information or to get tickets, you can visit the Config 2024 website.

UXDX APAC, scheduled for August 13-15, is an online event focusing on breaking down barriers between Product, UX, Design, and Dev teams. This event is designed to help build better products more efficiently and collaboratively. For more information and to stay updated on speaker announcements and ticket availability, visit the UXDX APAC 2024 website.

UX Australia, taking place from August 27-30 in Melbourne, Australia, and online, is a broad conference covering UX, product and service design, research, content, operations, and management. With a ticket price starting from $795 AUD, it's designed for a wide range of UX professionals. Additional details can be found on UX Australia's website.

UX Nordic, happening from August 28 to 30 in Aarhus, Denmark, and also available virtually, covers a broad range of UX topics including design, writing, and research. This event, with tickets ranging from €140 to €950, is ideal for UX professionals across various disciplines. More information can be found on UX Nordic's website.

Button 2024 is a virtual conference happening between September 26-27, focusing exclusively on content design, tailored for content designers, UX writers, and content strategists. This event is priced between $595 and $1095, and offers a comprehensive insight into the field of content design. For more details, you can visit Button 2024's website. You can also watch the Button 2023 recordings from last year!

UXDX EMEA, is set to take place from October 9-11 in Dublin and online. This event is focused on integrating Product, UX, Design, and Dev teams to facilitate the building of better products more efficiently. The agenda is designed around enhancing skills in product, UX, design, and development to improve team autonomy, speed, and business outcomes. For more information, you can visit UXDX EMEA 2024.

These conferences represent a dynamic mix of learning and networking opportunities for professionals in UX writing, content design, and product design. Whether you're looking to deepen your knowledge in a specific area, stay on top of the latest industry trends, or connect with like-minded professionals (this is probably the best part!), these events offer valuable platforms to enhance your professional journey in these rapidly evolving fields.

We really recommend getting your conference plan for 2024 sorted out early on. This way, you can enjoy those early bird ticket deals and make sure you don't bump into “Sold out” labels and miss out on the good stuff!

Are you running a conference in 2024 and would like us to add it to the list? Please contact us!

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