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Manage your designs’ UX copy in one place: Frontitude for Sketch is now publicly available!

With the Frontitude for Sketch plugin, you can iterate on your UX copy efficiently, without losing control of it
Frontitude Team
January 13, 2021
6 min read

Since the beginning of Frontitude, when we interviewed UX and product teams about their UX writing workflow, we felt that teams who used Sketch were having the most cumbersome one. It took us a while, but we can finally tell you - we have great news!

Sketch users, meet Frontitude 👋

Frontitude helps teams to collaborate on UX copy and maintain a consistent voice with a single source of truth, from design to production.

With Frontitude, teams can collaborate on UX copy without letting feedback fall through the cracks, understand what is the latest revision of each copy and what led to it, streamline the copy review process, and seamlessly sync content with other tools. Just like design systems help designers create a consistent design, Frontitude helps teams to keep a consistent voice and tone throughout their product.

Installing Frontitude for Sketch

1. Download the plugin file by clicking this link

2. Click OK on the install prompt message

3. Open a Sketch file

4. In Sketch, open the Plugins menu, then click Frontitude

5. Frontitude's plugin window should open. You're ready to start working with it!

Allowing writers to write on the design

In most teams who use Sketch, writers write new UX copy in a spreadsheet or a document, accompanied by a screenshot of the design mockups, at best. Then, they hand it off to designers, who on their turn embed the update into the design, manually. If the new copy doesn’t fit the design, this process starts over again. This is a tedious process, which we know that happens in many teams.

Frontitude for Sketch

The plugin creates seamless integration with Frontitude’s content management platform. Automatically sync your designs with the latest copy, effectively collaborate with other peers, and make sure that copy always fits the design.

Let’s have a drill down to see what you can do with Frontitude for Sketch:

Manage your UX copy in one place

The plugin allows you to easily share your Sketch designs with Frontitude, by selecting any artboard in the design, then clicking Export content. This will extract texts, visuals, styles, and typeface and send it over to Frontitude. After the export is complete, other team members can use Frontitude to collaborate on UX copy in a text-first environment, ensure a consistent voice throughout the product, and iterate on new copy right on the design, outside of Sketch!

Share designs with non-Sketch users

Frontitude allows you to share your designs with others who do not have access to Sketch. They can view the copy on the design and provide feedback without needing to install Sketch, or using Mac!

Always work with the latest copy

Once the editing over Frontitude is complete, designers can pull changes back with a single click. This ensures that designs are always up to date with the latest copy without even having a single copy & paste involved!

Make sure that copy always fits

Not only does the plugin allow you to automatically sync your design mockups with the latest copy, but it also gives you warnings if the new copy might break the design. Once you get that warning, you can adjust the design to fit the new copy or ask the writer to rephrase. This way, you can make sure that copy always fits the design!

And it’s only the beginning…

New features are added on a weekly basis, on the mission to reduce the designer-writer friction to the bare minimum. Features to come: Switch between a few copy suggestions to test it on the design with a click, submit changes and add comments from within Sketch, and more.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any features that you find useful. We’re always happy to hear your thoughts :)

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