Waitlist is open! Get customized content suggestions in Figma with the new writing assistant integration
Tomer Gabbai
Co-founder & CEO
May 23, 2023
3 mins

When UX Writing Meets AI: Introducing UX Writing Assistant for Figma

We’re excited to announce Frontitude’s UX Writing Assistant: A brand-new Figma plugin, powered by Open AI's GPT-3.5, that helps you write better UX copy faster while following UX writing best practices and industry standards.

May 23, 2023
3 mins

Since Frontitude’s day one, we were thrilled about the idea of helping design and product teams write clear, engaging, and consistent copy in their products.

With the latest AI advancements, this dream became closer than ever. As a tech-savvy company, we were mind-blown by the results it can provide and the potential effects on our customers' creative workflow.

Meet your new UX Writing Assistant

We’re thrilled to announce Frontitude’s UX Writing Assistant! The goal of this new plugin is to help any product professional write better product copy, to deliver the best user experience. Whether you’re a designer, product manager, founder, or writer – this new plugin allows you to write engaging copy, by providing content suggestions based on a draft text you already have.

The assistant is currently available as a Figma plugin, in beta. After a few iterations, followed by your precious feedback, the assistant is planned to be added to Frontitude’s web-based copy editor as well.

As for pricing, the beta version is currently free. Once the assistant goes out of beta, we’ll figure out the pricing structure. Don’t worry, we’ll always offer a free plan, like with any of the Frontitude offerings.

Get AI-powered copy suggestions without leaving Figma

What's inside, and why is it so powerful

The Writing Assistant is a combination of the latest AI tech, UX writing best practices, and your product context. All of this together, should generate the best content suggestions, to make your writing phase 10x quicker and more accurate.

Content suggestions are generated based on the following elements:

  • UX writing best practices, like using an active voice, and inclusive writing. The assistant is aware of the latest UX writing techniques and applies them to all content suggestions.
  • Your product details
  • Industry - Different products in different industries have different tones and voices. This input should help the assistant to align your copy with your industry standard.
  • Company type - Whether your product communicates with a consumer or enterprise user, it should do it differently.
  • Target audience - Additional description of your target persona, which helps the assistant to tune the messaging better to your users.
  • Additional context - For each individual copy element, the assistant gives you the option to add more context, to fine-tune suggestions specific to that element. It can include more information about the tone, user journey, or design element.

How it connects with Frontitude

The new plugin currently acts independently of the rest of Frontitude, but we plan to integrate it with the platform soon, in several stages. The next steps will involve providing the smart writing capabilities in our web application and seamlessly connecting assistant suggestions with your copy library. By harnessing the power of AI, we provide a seamless experience that enables copy suggestions based on your approved copy – that's a dream come true!

AI-first product roadmap

This is just the beginning of integrating AI with Frontitude’s solution. Recently, we took a decision to shift our product roadmap to become AI-first. This means that every new (relevant) feature will include a smart, AI component that will make the experience more efficient, and sometimes even magical.

We continuously monitor the most up-to-date advancements in AI technology and contemplate ways to incorporate them into Frontitude's offering. First, we’re focusing our efforts on embedding it in the product’s infrastructure, then adding it to each and every relevant experience.

AI can’t solve everything, of course, but we believe it can help us provide a 10x better solution for design and product teams across the world to create much better experiences.

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