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Team Frontitude
December 6, 2023
4 mins

Introducing UX Writing Assistant for Teams to revolutionize UX content consistency

Announcing UX Writing Assistant for Teams, which allows design teams to streamline their UX content creation process and maintain consistency at scale using AI.

December 6, 2023
4 mins

We all know how crucial consistency is when it comes to maintaining a cohesive user experience and brand identity. Whether it's in your product, website, or design system, a unified approach to content helps establish trust and familiarity with your target audience.

However, after speaking with so many design teams, it appears that the traditional approach to maintaining consistency — static style guides, often relegated to web pages or documents, isn't effective enough. They're cumbersome, rarely consulted, and don't offer a streamlined way to enforce standards across teams.

Today, we’re launching a major update to our AI-powered UX Writing Assistant, which allows design teams to streamline their UX content creation process and maintain consistency at scale.

We are excited to introduce the following new features to our writing assistant today:

AI-Powered Guidelines

Or simply Guidelines. Guidelines allows you to create content guidelines that can be interpreted by our AI model.

Creating a guideline is as easy as giving it a name and configuring instructions like Tone, Length, Element, and Case. You can also add contextual information about the UI element associated with the guideline and use ChatGPT-like custom instructions, enabling the assistant to provide better content suggestions.

Create and manage your UX content guidelines in one place

With Guidelines, you can:

Store all your content guidelines in one place: All guidelines are created and stored in one place, accessible to everyone in Figma.

Define universal guidelines: Want to define a product-wide content style? You can create universal guidelines that are automatically loaded on each rewrite action executed by teammates. These guidelines can include voice and tone preferences, specific terms to use or avoid, and context about your target audience or persona.

Flexibly use guidelines: Guidelines can be manually loaded when using the rewrite feature, giving you the flexibility to apply different rules for different content elements ad-hoc.

"Guidelines turns content guidelines from an isolated set of rules to an integral part of your design system, reinforcing consistency across all design files."

Built-In Design System Integration

One of the most powerful features of Guidelines is the ability to link them to your design system components. Guidelines attached to texts in main Figma components will be loaded automatically on rewrites of the component instances in any design file they're included in.

Guidelines turns content guidelines from an isolated set of rules to an integral part of your design system, reinforcing consistency across all design files.

Guidelines integrate with your design system and effectively promote consistency

Quick Content Audits

With Guidelines and its built-in integration with design systems, the writing assistant offers a powerful way to quickly ensure that UX content follows your guidelines, without leaving Figma!

Using Audit, everyone can run local audit scans to make sure their content follows your tone, glossary, and more. This eliminates back-and-forths and significantly reduce review time.

With Audit, you can quickly scan UX content for violations without leaving Figma

The Benefits

This pack of new features brings a powerful tool for the entire team when it comes to writing and reviewing UX content:

Ensured consistency: With automatic enforcement of content guidelines, your entire team will produce content with a consistent tone, style, and messaging, elevating your product's user experience.

Streamlined design process: Say goodbye to lengthy review cycles and manual corrections. With Guidelines, your team can nail more UX content right the first time, saving a lot of writing time and resources.

Empower everyone to write: By providing your team (designers, writers, product managers, etc.) with clear and easily accessible guidelines, you're giving them the tools they need to write like professionals. Not only it eliminates back-and-forths, but also saves a lot of time to content folks that can focus on the important stuff.

How To Use It

We have released a new video in which Tomer from our team takes you through these new exciting features:

What's Next

Introducing UX Writing Assistant for Teams, together with Guidelines, Audit, and a built-in integration with design systems, enable so many other capabilities that will take UX content creation to new heights. When Guidelines is implemented in a design process, we can offer automated content creation at the screen or user journey levels, high-quality translations, and more. We can't wait to add all these amazing capabilities very soon. Stay tuned!

Try the new UX Writing Assistant, together with Rewrite, Guidelines, and Audit for free today! Learn more about how to use it in our help guides section and revolutionize your approach to UX content consistency.

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