September 21, 2022

Multiple product improvements to the copy library ⚡️


We shipped out significant product improvements that will help you and the team to better browse and reuse your product copy.

Import copy to Frontitude from JSON files 📂

Following the Developer CLI release, we added a new way to onboard your product copy to Frontitude from the codebase and localization tools, straight into your copy library. 

Read the guide to learn how to import copy from JSON files.

Import your product copy using JSON files

Copy components design preview 🌄

You can choose any copy component in your copy library and easily see where it’s located in each of your designs by simply navigating through the screens. Some words have different meanings in different contexts, so it's likely that you want to explore their context to ensure you maintain a consistent product language.

See where your components are located in the design
See where your components are located in the design

Paste components from the library into Figma ✂️

Reuse copy components in your designs, but without attaching them to an existing component. This also lets you reuse existing components and change them to create a new one quickly. For example, you can reuse the component: “Book added to cart” and slightly adjust it to “Record added to cart” and add it to the library as a new component.

Paste components from the library into figma
Paste components from the library into figma
Team Frontitude
Team Frontitude
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