August 18, 2022

Copy library improvements! 📚🆙


We've made significant improvements to the Copy Library. Organizing your library is now easier than ever thanks to a new grouping system that allows you to navigate it quickly and ensure consistency.

What's new?

Four-level hierarchy support

Organize your copy components into up to four levels of categories. For example: Messages / Error / Form / Field required. This allows more flexibility in your content organization and allows you to group together different variations of the same copy component for example.

Category guidelines

Add content guidelines and notes to each category in your library. The guidelines will be visible once you reuse or create new components in your designs, to help you maintain consistency. For example, the Messaged / Error category can include these guidelines: “Clearly explain the situation and how it can be resolved. Don’t use overly dramatic words for simple errors.”

Category auto-suggest

When you create a new category, Frontitude will automatically suggest existing categories from your library to make sure you don’t create duplicates. It’s here to bring order to your copy chaos!

Category rename

Changed your mind about a category name? Now you can rename it without going through every component in the category.

You can read more about Frontitude’s Copy Library to learn how it can benefit your team, or get started with building your Copy Library!

Frontitude Team
Frontitude Team
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