September 14, 2022

Introducing Frontitude’s CLI, our first developer integration! 👩‍💻

New feature

We’re excited to introduce Frontitude’s Developer CLI: A new way to manage product copy from design to code. This integration allows developers to connect the codebase with the design process and fetch copy changes directly from their environment, copy-paste free!

The new integration brings some significant benefits:

  • No more copy-paste mistakes when moving texts from design to code
  • The development process can start in parallel to the design process allowing you to stream last-minute copy changes from the design to the code seamlessly.
  • Developers quickly understand what copy was updated instead of going through design files and understanding what copy they should take

Read our official feature announcement post to get more information about the new Developer CLI. To learn how to set up the CLI and hit the ground running, please read the documentation and guide.

Frontitude's developer CLI
Frontitude Team
Frontitude Team
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