November 7, 2022

Integrate dynamic content in your copy using Variables!

New feature

We’re happy to introduce Variables! You can now add dynamic content when writing copy in Frontitude, and integrate them as variables straight into the code.

The entire team can benefit from using Variables:

🎨 Designers can use mock content instead of variable placeholders in the design.

✍️ Writers get full ownership of the product content.

💻 Developers don’t need to define the variables but just send the variables in the code.

How does it work? When creating personalized copy, writers can mark specific parts of the text as dynamic content (for example: Hello {{firstName}}!). Once the copy is finalized, developers can fetch it, including the variables straight into the code without defining them themselves. Learn more

Full i18next compatibility

Like all Frontitude’s developer features, Variables is fully compatible with the i18next format. This means that developers can use the popular i18n library to fetch copy from Frontitude straight into their code.

Using Variables, your team can have a smoother, automated developer handoff. It works out of the box with our Developer CLI which you can use to connect your codebase with Frontitude.

Add variables to your copy in Frontitude
Team Frontitude
Team Frontitude
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