June 9, 2022

Introducing: Frontitude's multi-language support for localization 🥳

New feature

We’re excited to announce Frontitude’s multi-language support! This feature brings localization closer to design and removes the barriers between design teams and translators.

Enjoy significant benefits to your product localization process:

🎨  Translate with full context: Give your translators the full design context, and allow them to insert translations in the design without disrupting the design team's work.

✋  Avoid repeated translations: Translate once and reuse everywhere using Copy Components. Attach new copy to existing (translated) components and, voila, it's immediately translated! This can save you significant translation time and costs.

⏰  Shorten time to market: By providing translators and reviewers with the full context early at the design stage, translations can be tested even before a new feature is implemented. This means less translation errors at the development and QA stages.

Read our official announcement to learn more about this new addition!

Insert translation with full design context
Frontitude Team
Frontitude Team
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