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Import copy components from JSON files

Frontitude lets you import product copy from the code, localization tools, or other external sources, straight into your copy library.

Using this method, you can upload your product copy to Frontitude and store it in a single source of truth. Upload content with a JSON file format, and Frontitude will automatically create copy components from the imported text so you can begin managing your product copy with the entire team.

Type of supported JSON files

The import feature currently supports the following JSON formats:

  • Flat
  • Nested


💡 To convert CSV files into JSON files, you can use this tool, free of charge, until we support CSV files. If you are looking for other file formats please contact us at

How to import the copy with a JSON file type

After the developers have exported the copy from the code as JSON or CSV file types, you can import the copy by following the next steps: 

  1. Open the Copy Library.
  2. On the top of the screen, next to Add components click on the Options menu (three dots), and choose Import from file.
  3. You can either click on browse or simply drag and drop and JSON file into the droppable area.
  4. Once the file upload has been completed, Frontitude will notify the number of valid entries that have been detected in the file.
  5. Click Import to start the import process. Once it’s finished, you’ll get the number of components created. Notice that this process can take a while for large files.

Import your product copy with JSON file type
Import your product copy with JSON file type

Manage the imported copy with unique keys

Once you import copy from a flat JSON file, Frontitude will associate the text value in the file as the component name, and the key will be set as the unique key of the component.

💡You can change the name of the component, category, and its unique key at any time.

Organize the imported copy in your copy library 

Once you import the copy with a JSON file, copy components will be created out of the imported texts and added to your copy library. 

The imported copy will be stored as "Uncategorized" and wait for you to be categorized.

To help you build an organized copy repository, we have applied a naming convention that we recommend following. This will let you organize copy in a four-level hierarchy, giving your team a better overview of all the product copy.

Follow this guide to learn how to build and maintain an organized copy library.

Next steps

Once you’ve uploaded the content to Frontitude, you can invite other members of your team, start managing all your product copy in one place, sync the content with the design, and localize your product copy.