Get feedback from team members and stakeholders

It’s common to want a few more pairs of eyes to look at the copy you’ve written when you’re done with the first time. At most companies, that review is even part of the process.

Frontitude makes it easier for you to share copy with others in your organization and get their feedback, all in a single place, instead of through email or comment back-and-forths.

Share project to get feedback

In order to get feedback, you have to share it with others first. Frontitude gives you a couple of ways to do this:

  1. If you’re sharing it with a team member who’s a workspace collaborator on Frontitude, all you have to do it to mention them using @mention (explained below).
  2. If your team member isn’t a workspace collaborator, you can use the Shareable links feature to create a link that you can share with anyone in your organization so they can review the copy.

Create discussions around copy

Frontitude lets you collaborate and discuss copy changes via a feature we call Discussions, which creates a standard chain of comments/replies. You can create Discussions from two places:

Comment on copy

To add a general comment on a specific piece of copy, select it to open the Edit panel. Then, under the Activity log, create a Discussion by adding a comment to the copy and pressing Enter or clicking Send.

This is helpful for general remarks on the copy itself, like design or style-guide constraints.

Discuss a specific change

To reply to a specific copy change, select any piece of copy to open the Edit panel. Under the Activity log, pick a change that you'd like to comment on a click Reply. This opens a text box where you can add your input. Press Enter or click Send to submit it. This creates a Discussion that others can then reply to.

Mention collaborators to send them email notifications

Once you’ve set up your team by inviting other team members to your workspace, you can @mention every one of them within a Discussion. Type @ in any Discussion text box to open the dropdown showing collaborators. Select the one you’d like to tag and notify using the keyboard up/down keys and press Enter.

Once you’ve submitted the comment, they’ll get an email notification with a direct link to your comment.