Reuse existing copy in Figma

This guide explains how you can use the Library tab in the Figma plugin to find every copy component in your workspace. This will let you easily browse your copy library for existing copy, or attach selected text elements to a component with a single click.

💡 Copy Components are the building blocks of the Library tab. If you are still not familiar with this feature, we invite you to read this guide first.

Browse and reuse existing components from your copy library in Figma

Frontitude’s Copy Library is a copy repository that stores all your repeated text in Figma to help you maintain consistent product language.

💡 Your Copy Library in Frontitude was built to ensure you and your team have a clear overview of all your product's copy. Utilizing the library makes it easier for all team members to reuse copy during the design phase. Read this guide to learn more about the Copy Library.

Browse existing copy inside Figma

  1. Open Frontitude's Figma plugin and sign in
  2. Open the plugin's Library tab
  3. Use the search bar to search for existing instances/texts or use the “All categories” filter to search for relevant texts (e.g. Buttons)

By clicking "more info" under each component you get the following information:

  • The copy guidelines
  • The text's status (New, Draft, Review, or Final)
  • Number of instances attached to the component at a workspace level and a project/file level

In addition, you can use the “more info” button to navigate between the component’s instances within the design

Reuse existing copy inside Figma

You can attach any selected texts in Figma to copy components with a single click by using the Library tab.

  1. Open the plugin’s Library tab
  2. Select any text element and click the "Attach" button on the right to attach that text to an existing component

* If the "Attach" button is disabled, use the tooltips to connect the text. If your text has not yet been synced with Frontitude (or frames are not connected yet), we recommend reading:Upload content to Frontitude.

💡 When Frontitude detects that you are attaching a text to a component that is not related to that element, it will display a warning message to help you better attach texts to components.