Collaborate with team members on copy

UX writing is a collaborative process. Frontitude is specifically designed to support your team’s needs. Through Frontitude you can @mention team members and comment on specific texts for a smoother feedback and an enhanced teamwork.

Frontitude's Activity log

To keep track with all the information about a specific copy, Frontitude stores a log with all its changes, actions, and comments. The Activity log chronologically gathers all the information into one place so you can stay updated on what has happened and when.

Leave a change-note

Once you're ready to share a new copy phrasing (whether if requesting for feedback, or it's ready for production), you need to submit the change to save it on Frontitude. When submitting, you can add a note about the change so that other team members (or your future-self) will be able to understand what has led to this change.

  1. Open the desired copy
  2. Insert a change in the text editing box
  3. Below the text editing box, click on Attach a note... to add a short note about the change
  4. You can mention other collaborators by typing @ to alert them about this change over email
  5. Click Submit Change
  6. That's it! The change has been successfully added. You can now review it on the Activity log at the bottom of the editing side panel
  7. All mentioned collaborators will receive an email with the change details and your note

Comment on copy

The Activity log allows you to comment on copy, give feedback on new copy suggestions, ask a question, or just grab the attention of another team member.

  1. Open the desired copy
  2. Add a comment related to this copy by typing in the input field at the top of the Activity log
  3. You can write a multi-line comment, and also type @ to mention other collaborators
  4. Click Send to submit the comment
  5. Mentioned collaborators will receive an email notification containing your comment, plus a link to the referred copy (just like in Google Docs)

Create a Discussion

Inside the Activity log, you can reply a copy change or a comment to create a discussion.

  1. Open the desired copy
  2. Click the Reply button below any copy change or comment to start a discussion
  3. You can write a multi-line comment, and also type @ to mention other collaborators
  4. Click Send to reply and start a discussion
  5. Once the discussion is over, you can click Resolve to mark it as finished (greyed out)
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